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Predator Onyx Predator P3 ONYX
Born in Darkness, Limited Edition Predator P3 Onyx Cue.
Mezz CP13 Mezz CP-13SW Series
Simple Look Professional Touch!
Murrey Cues Murrey Maple Cues
House & Jump/Break Cues
Predator QR Ext Predator QR Extension
Now Available in Indonesia
Predator Case14 Predator New Case 14
Now Available in Indonesia

Mini 11-in-1 Table 11-in-1 Multi Game Table
Multi Games : Pool, Soccer, Table tennis, Hockey, Bowling, Chess, Backgammon, Dice, Shuffleboard, Tic Tac Toe, Poker
Dinner Table 2-in-1 Dinner Pool Table
Murrey Manhattan, Pool table into Dinner table - convert in 1 minute.
Mini-Pool-Table Mini Billiard Pool Table
Real big Pool action in Mini version.
Ping Pool Ping Pool 2-in-1
New Concept from Murrey, Full size Ping Pong table on 7-ft Pool Table
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Mezz Cues - Japan's Professional Cues - ISAK Billiard is Sole Agent for Mezz Cues in Indonesia
th Mezz RY12
Mezz Ricky Yang
Ricky Yang is Indonesian National Champion. Mezz RY-12 is constructed especially for Ricky Yang.  RY-12 is equipped with WD-700 shaft, Kamui Tip, and linen wrap.
th Mezz_SA
Mezz SA
Mezz SA Series is the traditional choice, as it's been for almost a decade. Classic Mezz logo on the butt. Hard Maple Shaft, 5/16x14 Joint, Irish Linen Wrap
th Mezz_Aya
Mezz AYA
Mezz AYA Series - United Joint with WD700 Shaft. The AYA, which translates to "colorful", is a new line. It's an expression of the modern day bold colors in fashion.
th Mezz_Ace
Mezz ACE
Mezz ACE Series come with Hybrid Alpha Shaft, a perfect marriage of carbon fiber and hard maple, resulting in high performance. Unique Wavy Pin joint.
th Mezz_MSP
Mezz Sneaky Pete
Past Meets Present. The timeless look of the Sneaky Pete meets new Mezz technology with the MSP Series. WD700 shaft, and United joint system.
th Mezz_PB1DI
Mezz PB 1 DI Break
The new science of break shot with power and accuracy, by including the Deep Impact Technology. United joint, DI tech, SP grip, composite wood. 
th Mezz_PB2DI
Mezz PB 2 DI Break
The Power Break II was designed and manufactured for optimal shape, balance and with innovative "the Deep Impact Technology". 4 inches shorter to reduce deflection.
th Mezz_PB_Pro
Mezz PB Pro Break
Power Break Pro - designed to give the ultimate cue ball control with power in evrey break. Comes with either "Power Grip Wrap" or "Wrapless Grip".
th Mezz_MPC3
Mezz MPC 3
MPC 3 is the collaboration line with Predator. You can get the best of both worlds by combining high quality Mezz butt with Predator 314-2 Shaft.
th Mezz_AS-K
Mezz AS-K Jump
The AirShooter is a ground breaking jump cue designed for optimal balance, shape, and power. Wooden joint, Z ferrule/BI tip for maximum jumping power.
th Mezz_AirDrive
Mezz AirDrive Jump
The Supreme Jumping Device. The AirDrive has a unique 1 butt, 2 shaft construction that assist you to jump using "Standard Stroke" and "Dart Stroke"
th Mezz_DualForce
Mezz DualForce J/B
The next generation of Mezz Break & Jump Cues. The Dual Force break jump cue features the DF shaft with sonic ferrule and trance tips, with mesh leather grip.
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