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Mini 11-in-1 Table 11-in-1 Multi Game Table
Multi Games : Pool, Soccer, Table tennis, Hockey, Bowling, Chess, Backgammon, Dice, Shuffleboard, Tic Tac Toe, Poker
Dinner Table 2-in-1 Dinner Pool Table
Murrey Manhattan, Pool table into Dinner table - convert in 1 minute.
Mini-Pool-Table Mini Billiard Pool Table
Real big Pool action in Mini version.
Ping Pool Ping Pool 2-in-1
New Concept from Murrey, Full size Ping Pong table on 7-ft Pool Table
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MURREY 11-in-1 Multi Game Table - Complete Accessories
This 11-in-1 Multi Game Table is a great game for all the family to enjoy.
Featuring Billiard Pool Table / Table Soccer / Table Hockey / Table Tennis (Ping Pong) / Chess / Backgammon / Dice / Bowling / Tic Tac Toe / Poker Card Games / Shuffleboard.
Easy Conversion from Game to Game. Includes all of the accessories that you need to play.
Very easy to assemble.
Just like the real thing; only smaller.
Material: MDF, PVC, PB, Steel Rod
Billiard Table size: 105 x 58 x 67 cm
Soccer Table size: 109 x 61 x 79 cm
Weight: 35 kg


11-in-1-Multi-Games-1 What's in the box?
1x Billiard Game Set: 16 billiard pool balls, 2 cues, 2 chalks, 1 brush
1x Soccer Table Set: 2 soccer balls
1x Hockey Table Set: 2 pucks, 2 pushers
1x Tennis Table Set: 2 paddles, 2 balls, 1 net, 2 net post
1x Chess Set
1x Backgammon Set
1x Dice Set
1x Bowling Set: 10 bowling pins, 1 ball
1x Tic Tac Toe Set
1x Poker Card Set
1x Shuffleboard Set: 6 rolling balls
11-in-1-Multi-Games-3 11-in-1-Multi-Games-4 11-in-1-Multi-Games-5
11-in-1-Multi-Games-6 11-in-1-Multi-Games-7 Box-Pack 

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